About Forest City

The city applies the most advanced 3D multi-layered urban planning concept: lush green surroundings with no vehicles travelling around. A quiet, safe and relaxing island to live. Underground layers consist of smooth vehicular traffic and ample parking spaces that truly achieve the separation of pedestrians and vehicles.

Project Details

Forest City comprises of four (4) islands with 3,425 acres, surrounded by sea grass, flora and fauna. It is made up of 4 reclaimed island near Tanjung Kupang of an initial gross development of RM 450 billion and have received RM 170 billion worth of commitment investment, expecting to create 220,000 jobs opportunities upon completion in 2035.

Forest City, adjacent to Singapore a special zone in Iskandar, a prime location and valuable low cost land closest to Singapore. It located in the heart of Iskandar, 5 km from Singapore Second Link.

Project Location

Iskandar has attracted more than 40 billion US dollars investment globally, including Microsoft, Lego Land and Temasek. It has also applied additional special incentives such as trade and tax policy that makes it a special zone in Iskandar. It just 40 minutes to reach Singapore CBD.

Close to the KL-Singapore High-speed rail, 90 min from KL to Singapore after operation. Around 2-4 hour flight covering over 800 million people in the ASEAN market, 6-8 hour flight covering main APEC countries. Close to The Strait of Malacca, with second largest traffic density globally.