Property Management Services

Leave the hard work to us as we spend time and expertise to manage and maintain your properties including dealing with the occupiers/residents/tenants. We help the owners create budgets, collect rents/service charges, manage contractors, coordinate/perform maintenance/renovation works and event up to sourcing tenants/new occupiers. You tell us what level of service you require.

Residential Property

We have wide range of experience in managing numerous residential sites from condominiums to apartments to gated communities. We are well versed with the required statutory requirements such as Strata Management Act to name one. Our services ensure everything is professionally taken care of, ie. Dealing with your residents/occupiers up to statutory regulators. You tell us what level of service you require.

Commercial Property

This involves the management of commercial properties such as multi-storey office buildings and/or shopping complexes. We will be your partner in maximising the return on investment of the properties through efficient performance in the best interest of the owner/s to maintain the property, keep it occupied with tenants, collect rents, budget improvements and maintain proper records

Property Portfolio Management

Time is money and managing properties take time, thus let us manage your group of properties which involves the following:-

  • Land/Building Operation
  • Machine Operation (M&E)
  • People Relationship (the occupiers)
  • Building Contract/Material Management
  • Real Estate Finance/Capital Management

This services could be tailored based on your requirements.