Invest in Real Estate Agency Services

Our real estate agency team are focussed in providing excellent service-oriented experience in assisting clients in their property deals and investment decisions.

With over 100 real estate negotiators covering Klang Valley, we are able to go the extra mile to cater for our clients needs and preferences. We conduct training at our Setia Alam Real Estate Negotiators Training Centre to enhance further our negotiators’ capabilities in handling clients as well as understand and learn about property and its processes. We also believe in building relationships and broad based networking to further enhance our success in property negotiation and closings.

Our Forte

The real estate agency work in Firdaus & Associates Property Professionals are specifically categorised in several service sectors for all kind of properties mainly residential, commercial, industrial and lands.

Project marketing

Our scope for this service is two tiered, depending on the requirements of the developer. We could assist property developers in formulating innovative and effective marketing strategies together with our A & P partners incorporating the lifestyle marketing to reach the high net worth as well as the millennials. We provide project marketing advisory services in terms of reporting documentation based on our in-depth property knowledge. From the advisory services, we are able to strategise and market new projects from start to finish, replacing, rebrand and relaunch projects which were less successful initially and also market rehabilitate projects which were abandoned but being revived by new developers.

In terms of sales, our dedicated project sales team handles the sale of units either full time on site at the show gallery or at events and roadshows. Coupled with our subsale team, we are able to maximise exposure of the project via all forms of free media and networking.

Subsale and Letting

The crust of real estate agency is in sub sale properties or sale of properties in the secondary property market where expert advice and knowledge of the property market and the property deals process are extremely important.

Our Klang Valley Real Estate Negotiators team covers our HQ office, Setia Alam as well as Klang office to meet the demands of clients. With highly motivated team, we are able to synchronise, share and match properties with potentials. We gives value added packages partnering with lawyers and bankers to provide a one stop solution to potential purchasers or renters in order to have a smooth and quick transaction process for both owners and purchasers/tenants.

With high social media exposures and network, our Real Estate Negotiators able to source potentials and close transactions at a faster rate.

Investor Advisory

Our team of qualified and experienced real estate negotiators are not only conversant with the market and the needs of the stakeholder, they will be able to provide you with an objective outlook on the marketability of your property, help you understand issues which will most likely affect the value of your property and advise you on the best approach of securing the optimum price or rent in the market within the shortest possible time.