Property Valuation Services

At Firdaus & Associates Property Professionals, we provide comprehensive property valuation and consulting services to banks, insurance companies, institutions, GLCs, public listed and corporate companies, property developers, investors and private individuals across a full spectrum of commercial, residential, industrial, agricultural and specialised properties as well as plant & machinery.

Types of properties that we evaluate

We evaluate all kind of properties including residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, plants and machineries and even specialised properties.

Property Valuation is an integral part of the loan process for approving the loan amount by the banks or any other financial institutions that provide funds using property as collateral. Our core property valuations are mainly the retail banking valuations for houses, condominiums, shopoffices, factories and agricultural smallholdings. We also provide specialised property valuations such as hotels, office buildings and retail complexes for loan security by the banks.

Our valuation department is three tiered, we have the forefront MOBILE VALUATION MARKETING, VALUATION HELPDESK and the TECHNICAL VALUATION TEAM which prepares the valuation report. The mobile valuation marketing personnel provides onsite value checks for the mortgage sales representatives or bank loan officers where the loan processes can be expedited. The Valuation Helpdesk team receives calls, fax, whatsapp, sms and email from banks personnel on properties to be valued or quoted where value checks will be done immediately upon request. The technical team upon receiving instructions to conduct the property valuation will be mobilised for site inspection, gathering of data, preparation of the valuation report and submission of reports to banks upon full payment of fees.

Our property valuation and management system portal is able to assist our valuation department in comprehensive value checks and quotes with data tracking and monitoring whilst administer and manage the valuation process from Letter of Instruction, Open File, Site Inspection, Preparation of Valuation Reports and Despatch Reports so that assurance is given in the speedier completion of valuation tasks and assignments and in keeping with the Turn Around Time set by the banks.

The compulsory acquisition of land is the process by which the government acquires from private landowners their land which is needed for any public purpose or for a purpose beneficial to the economic development of Malaysia under the Land Acquisition Act 1960. It is a drastic form of governmental intervention as it results in the dispossession and eviction of landowners from their properties.

In Firdaus & Associates Property Professionals, our services is to ensure that the landowners are adequately compensated in terms of not only land value but other intrinsic values that are recognised and claimable by the law.

Our technical valuation team is experienced in land acquisition valuation matters, right from the issuance of acquisition notice, the government gazette to the property inspection, recognising the market value for the property, the severance damage, expenses and costs, injurious affection and other costs that are incurred when the property is being acquired.

Our team will go through the land office enquiries, working hand in hand with the appointed solicitors through the court process or early settlement.

Regulated class of insurance that functions just like any other policy one would take-up where it is designed to compensate the policyholder in the event of loss and/or damage caused to the insured property. This compensation usually covers the cost of reconstruction, replacement, and repair of damaged property.

Our corporate valuation team is able to assist in preparation of valuation report to Securities Commission specifically for Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), Take-overs, Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) and joint-ventures. We work hand in hand with Merchant Banks in the said exercises to achieve the clients requirements within the standards of our professionalism. Our valuation is strictly adhered to the Securities Commission guidelines and standards.

Bank Negara valuation is required by insurance companies for submission to the Director General of Insurance, Bank Negara Malaysia whenever they value or revalue their property assets.

We do from time to time prepare valuation lists for the local authorities for the purposes of rating and assessment rate. At the same time, we do act for the individuals to appeal on the assessment rate for their properties to the local authorities.

Local authority rating valuation and appeals Real property gains tax (RPGT) assessment and Appeals Capital allowances claims Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions

We do property valuation for various other purposes namely for:

  • Acquisition or Purchase
  • Disposal or Sale
  • Rating & Taxation
  • Property Portfolio
  • Investment
  • Matrimony Dispute
  • Submission to Court
  • Auction reserves and foreclosures

We do valuations of plantations, timber concessions, plant, machinery and equipments, specialised properties such as steel mills, mining land and quarries, and properties valued on trading/business basis such as private hospitals, hotels and resorts.

We provide annual recurring valuations of portfolios for a range of clients. This service is offered for banks, property based companies, life assurance companies, unit trusts, listed property companies, corporate occupiers and high net worth individuals.
corporate accounting and asset review.

With a team of dedicated portfolio valuers, we provide annual valuations and we take a holistic approach to client relationships to provide value added initiatives, operating robust systems and processes that are individually tailored to meet audit and compliance requirements.

Compliant with RICS Valuation Standards (Red Book), International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Malaysian Valuation Standards(MVS) and Malaysian Financial Reporting Standards (MFRS), our portfolio packages allow our experts to tailor valuation services specifically to the clients’ needs.

Who do we serve?

Individual and corporate clients for a variety of purposes including Financing, Disposal, Acquisition, Auction, Compulsory Purchase/Acquisition, Insurance, Rating & Taxation, Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions, Property Portfolio

Our outstanding standard

We adhere to the Malaysian Valuation Standards (MVS), International Valuation Standards (IVS), Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Red Book, Securities Commission and Bank Negara Guidelines